Coconut Oil

Here is the breakdown on coconut oil.


Stephanie Smotherman

1/2/20232 min read

Coconut oil seems to be all the rage lately, but there is definitely a reason for it! People are using coconut oil in their coffee, cooking with it, baking with it, making cookies with it, so why not use it on our skin. Heck, I even feed it to my dogs and horses to make their coats shiny and give them some extra fat in the cold months. It is a great product, both internally and externally. And here are some reasons why.

  • Hydrates-Coconut oil allows your skin to retain moisture and reduces dryness because of its chemical properties. Coconut oil is made up of 60% MCT's, or medium chain triglycerides, which are saturated fats that give the benefit of trapping water in the skin and giving the hydrating effect.

  • Protects-The MCT's in coconut oil not only trap water into your skin to hydrate, but also lock other environmental toxins out of your skin. The coconut oil acts as a protective barrier against dirt and pollutants, which is pretty darn cool.

  • Smooths-Over time and repeated use, coconut oil will help smooth and soften your skin and help improve your skin texture.

  • Soothes-Coconut oil provides soothing relief and alleviates pain associated with dry skin.

  • Absorption-Goat milk and coconut oil are in the same category as far as absorption goes. They are both able to penetrate the skin barrier for fast-acting benefits.

I use a coconut oil product that is listed as natural on the manufacturer's website and has a melting point of 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it perfect for lotion making, as I have to melt all the ingredients down to combine them. The coconut oil is sourced from the coconuts of palm trees in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. (Maybe one day I can get them to grow in Eastern Montana, I will keep you updated.)

After reading the benefits of coconut oil, I don't think you really need to ask the question as to why I decided to use it as one of the main ingredients in my lotions. It gives my lotions the creamy texture and aides in the quick absorption rate of my lotions, which is one of the best selling points. It is also fairly cost effective compared to other ingredients that do not have as many benefits. This is part of the reason I am able to keep my lotion products at such affordable prices for my consumers.

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white pillar candle on brown wooden coaster
white pillar candle on brown wooden coaster