Vitamin E

Vitamin E, Yippee!


Stephanie Smotherman

1/30/20231 min read

We have all heard of Vitamin E. Technically it is a fat-soluble essential vitamin with anti-inflammatory properties. That doesn't sound very exciting or interesting. But it actually is!

Scientists boast a lot of benefits of vitamin e, including cell function, skin health, support of the immune system, and can be effective in reducing UV sun damage. This is the main reason vitamin e is added to products such as lotions. Everyone loves being tan and enjoying time in the sun, but the sun can definitely take a toll.

Pure vitamin e oil is a very thick and sticky substance. That is why it isn't easy to use on its own. But mixed into a recipe such as mine for BB Farms & Soap Co. makes a great formula. It is easily and perfectly absorbed into the skin and has all the health benefits listed above. Vitamin E is used as an ingredient in a lot of different lotion formulas, so it doesn't set my lotion apart in that fact. But the fact that I use a top-quality vitamin e ingredient in a larger quantity than others does help to set my lotion above the competition.

If you haven't tried my lotion yet I would recommend it. Not only is it good for the skin but it feels amazing as well. It soaks right into the skin and does not leave you with an oily or greasy feeling. I have also found that the more I use it, the less I can use it. I was applying the lotion once a day to my body, and I have extremely dry, alligator-looking legs in the wintertime, and now I can apply it every other day. I do not have the dry, stretched-out feeling of my skin like I normally do in the winter, and I am not itchy when I get out of the shower. It is like I am a brand new person this cold season.